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I can relate to any family that has had lice enter their lives because when we became infested with head lice our typical life had stopped. I missed an entire week of work and the kids missed school, desperately trying to kill these tiny bugs!

We had tried the OTC (over the counter) treatments as well as home remedies, which all failed. It became a very expensive, stressful, time consuming, frustrating, unsafe, intense experience that I did not want to go through again, ever! I decided then, that I didn’t want others to go through this difficult experience either. I was determined to find a safe, all natural, clinically proven, evidence based medical approach to treating head lice without any harmful pesticides and chemicals.

That is when I discovered the Lice Clinics of America Network – a world leader in lice treatment services and the worlds largest network of lice-removal professionals with over 150 clinics in the United States and another 105 around the world in 20 countries.

Lice Clinics of America Spokane is the ONLY exclusive regional operator of the FDA-cleared AirAllé® medical device**. The AirAllé® medical device kills head lice and over 99% of lice EGGS using heated air and backed by our industry leading 30 day re-treatment policy.  Our technicians are highly trained and certified to use this revolutionary technology and we are excited to serve Spokane and the Inland Northwest Area. We are here to provide a clinically proven service that is SAFE, FAST, EFFECTIVE, chemical free, stress free and that can solve your problem today, with NO follow up visits! So you can get back to work, school and life! – LICE FREE !

We are your lice experts and the 100% satisfaction of your family is our #1 priority !

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